CPAWS is Canada's voice for wilderness protection

by Kim Statham

Canada's wild spaces have always played an important role in my life.   As a kid from the suburbs, I always felt most at home in forests, meadows and Canada's vast waters.   The experience of spending a summer planting trees in Northern Ontario opened my eyes not only to the vastness my province's forests, but also to the impact of the resource industry.   Later, working in municipal urban forestry, I was feeling the pull to work on issues greater and grander in geographical and ecological scale.    In 2006, I was recruited by a former colleague to join the CPAWS Wildlands League Board of Directors.   It was there, that I joined a fantastic group of individuals so passionate about Canada's wild spaces.

From hiking in Jasper, to winter camping in Bruce Peninsula, to resting on the beach as the tides were receding in the Bay of Fundy, I have felt awe, inspiration and definition in these special places.  I believe National Parks define our personal character as much as they define the character of our fine country.

CPAWS is Canada's voice for wilderness protection.  We work collaboratively with governments, local communities, industry and indigenous peoples to protect our country’s amazing natural places.  I am very proud and excited to be personally involved with such a tremendous, respectable and passionate organization.

Congratulations CPAWS on 50 years of hard work and great accomplishments.   Looking forward to the next 50 years together!

Kim Statham, Chair, Board of Directors, CPAWS Wildlands League.