Sometimes you don't even realize your impact on others

by Jody Overduin, CPAWS Yukon

Big Wild Challenge Summer 2008, Photo: Jody Overduin
Left: Jody Overduin, Right: Jill Sturdy

When Jill (Sturdy) showed us on the maps how the wildlife around us in Ontario were being trapped inside islands of habitat, and how there was an opportunity and people working to connect those islands and create corridors, I felt compelled to somehow help those people.

Before that presentation I mainly lived in my own little bubble selling outdoor gear at MEC, spending my free time enjoying those islands of protection in ignorance.


CPAWS National graciously accepted my help and I was happy to free up the staff by entering data or scanning documents. Later I was fortunate enough to get to work with Jill on the Goin’ Wild in the Streets event in Ottawa, complete with a paddle to parliament and a portage into the heart of downtown.

Six years later I am now one of the people working to connect the islands up in Canada's north, the Peel Watershed, and I am extremely proud to be a part of CPAWS and the movement to save at least half of Canada's wilderness.

Jill says she doesn't even remember giving that talk back in 2007, which just goes to show you never truly know your impact on others. :)